Our Herd




Our foundation herd was carefully selected from sources that have an excellent reputation.  We sought to maximize genetic diversity while maintaining positive characteristics for conformation and dairy. 


We decided early-on to have a closed herd after procuring the desired stock.  We do not travel to shows or allow contact with stock from other farms.  Almost all of our stock came from three sources: Rosasharn Farm in Rehoboth, MA (Anne Petersen), Golden Brook Farm in Windham, NH (Brenda Seniow) and Dawn Land Farm in Sandown, NH (Laura Whitlock).  Our thanks to these farm owners for their help and advice while we built our herd and looked for guidance.


We looked for high quality animals that possessed the desired characteristics and were pleasantly surprised to have had very positive results in our breeding efforts since then.  Against conventional wisdom, we bought four bucks that are unrelated but we reasoned that it would give us a genetic diversity that would make it unnecessary to look outside of our own herd for quite a while.  We have also kept a few very promising bucks born on our farm.


Stark Mill Farm Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Located in Dunbarton, NH



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